I know I'm gonna kick myself...

...when someone figures this out in 10 seconds, but:

It's the lower & cap "i" that's throwing off the usual suspects for me.
Any help would be appreciated,


Based on the text this could be a proprietary typeface of a pharma company?

Hi Atwe, thanks for responding! I guess it's possible, but knowing the company I would not expect them to pay for a proprietary face.

You mean Boehringer Ingelheim? AFAIK they're big enough to go for a custom typeface.

And looking at their website http://www.boehringer-ingelheim.com/ I can see it in many places.

Edit: and according to this pdf:


it's called BISans.

Hi folks, a better example:


it's called BISans.

Designed exclusively for Boehringer Ingelheiim by http://Ole Schäfer of Primetype for MetaDesign.
Having a look to other typefaces designed by Ole Shäfer may be an interesting track to follow if you need alternatives: FF Fago Office Sans, FF Zine Sans Display, Officina Sans...

I stand corrected!

Thanks Atwe & Ryuk! I appreciate all of the info.

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