Milano Map Typeface

I am needing to identify the two fonts used on the cover of this old Italian Milano map.
I am assuming "Milano" is a condensed version of the other font used, but I could be wrong.
Any ideas are much appreciated. Thanks!


Decided to treat the 2 fonts separately, look too different for me.
Milano: close are [[|(DIN) Neuzeit Grotesk]]/[[|Geometric 706]], [[|Proxima Nova]] Extra Condensed (playing with versions to get the single storey /a)
PIANTA * MAP * PLAN (and the rest except MILANO): can't find a font that could match both lower and uppercases. Here are some you may find interesting though: [[|Planeta]] (Plakat, /M and /I off), [[|CityOf]] (no lowercases), [[|Erbar]] (Neo Mini but /a off), [[|Monod]], [[|Kessel 105]], [[|(DIN) Neuzeit Grotesk]]/[[|Geometric 706]] (not enough naive but family could work for both "Milano" and "PIANTA..."), [[|Ziamimi]] (no lowercases), [[|Nanami]] (/M off), [[|Damian]] (/I and /G off mainly), [[|Ealing]] (/M off), [[|Report School]] (/M and /I off), [[|Alumia]] (no lowercases), [[|Throne Gothic]] (no lowercases, used to be sold at [[|Ten Dollar Fonts]]), [[|Diamonds]] (no lowercases), [[|Dupe]], [[|Leberka]] (/G off), [[|Toronto Subway]] (/M and /G off), [[|Euclid]], [[|Maax]] (playing with alternates /[[|A]], /[[|M]] and/[[|a]], /G still off)

Wow, thank you Ryuk for your time and such insightful information! Some of these suggestions will definitely work. Thanks again!