First font - need some critique

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Hello all!

I am currently working on my first font and its been a project of mine for the past week. I am a bit ashamed to say that I had no real plan except for the fact that I love sans-serif and grotesque typefaces. Personally I love it so far and the project has given me an excuse to learn Fontlab as well.

I am currently looking up kerning tutorials before I start with that, but I would love some critique on my glyphs. I want to make them as good as I possibly can. I am also appreciative for any tips, tutorial links, or recommended literature that I can read up on!

A PDF is attached for closer inspection!

Thanks in advance!

typeface.pdf306.38 KB
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Good job!

You kept the overall feel intact throughout the whole font. My only issue is the lowercase g, it seems it isn't quite as refined in thin/thick stroke contrast as the rest of the typeface. I would give that another go.
Also, the diagonal stroke in your lowercase z seems a little too thin, it makes the z feel too light in comparison with the rest of the typeface.

I also recommend leaving it alone for a week, and when you return you'll notice alot of things on your own. Awesome job otherwise.

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