Help! Script face used by Duchamp...

Any help appreciated tracking down the script used at bottom and left of Duchamp's Obligations Pour La Roulette from the 1920s. It's unfortunately either overlapping or cropped, which makes it challenging... See the full poster here:


Font or calligraphy?
If it's a font in the 1920's there are only a few fancy ones in metal type.
To assist in identifying letters I tinkered with the image in the link to attempt to improve the signal to noise ratio in the green letters.

Still confusing.

Thanks, Don! I agree, it's a puzzler. It seemed to me less likely to be calligraphy, but that's purely based on gut-feeling... I was hoping that green "H" with it's flourish-y crossbar would help ID it...

The H was one of the few green letters I could separate out with any certainty.
No matches with my metal type references. But possibly a recreation of one of the fancy engraved scripts_ [Bickham etc] that are now fonted?