Which software do you use?

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K, it's been awhile but I'm stuck.

I'm using fontographer and I can't figure out how to paste my outlines into fontographer so I can edit them.

I followed the tutorial on Chank's site, holding down the option key while using the pulldown menus to copy. But when I paste into Fontographer it's still gray and not editable outlines.

Does Fontographer work with Illustrator 9? I even tried copying from freehand 8 but get the same problem. You'd think freehand would work with fontographer... Is Macromedia just full of slackers?

Oh yeah, and I'm on a Mac. Help! (And happy new year too!)

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Barry--If any fontmakers have made this work w/ Illus. 9, please let rest of the world know. But as far as I can tell, you gotta use an older version of Illus. I use Illus. 6. Works like a charm.

ciao baby.


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Can't one just save the Illustrator file as an EPS, and import the EPS into Fontographer?

Admittedly, I rarely (if ever) built my glyphs in Illustrator, so I don't know if this works or not. I've found it easier to just draw the forms in Fontographer itself.

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Thanks Angel, luckily I have an Illustrator 6 CD... I'll try it.

David, I've tried everything... saving it out of Illustrator as an Illustrator 4 EPS file and have still had no luck. What drives me crazy is that not these two Macromedia products dont' seem to play well together.


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I meant fontographer and freehand...

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I still use Illustrator 6.0, so it sounds as if this might just be a glitch with the newer versions of Illustrator.

A couple of things to try....
(Chances are you may have tried these already. If these don't work, I don't even have a guess as to what is wrong... :/ )

1. Save your drawing as an EPS. (Downsaving to Illustrator EPS version 5 or lower may improve your chance of success, rather than using the default option of the most current version of Illustrator or Freehand.) Open the Fontographer font file. Select the glyph cell into which you wish to import the EPS drawing. On my version of Fontographer (4.0.4 for Macintosh), there's an option under the FILE menu to IMPORT an EPS. Find the EPS file you just saved, and select it. This should work.

But if it doesn't, try this instead....

2. Open your EPS drawing in Illustrator. Keeping Illustrator open, open the Fontographer font file. Back in Illustrator, select the entire drawing that you wish to copy to Fontographer, and do an old fashioned cut-and-paste COPY (Command-C). Go back into your Fontographer font file and select the glyph cell that you wish to copy to. PASTE it in using (Command-V). This should also work.

Both of these methods should work whether you actually open the glyph cell or whether you just select it.

Best of luck. Let us know if it's still not working. :/ If all else fails, perhaps a phone call or e-mail to Adobe would be helpful.


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EPS/1.1 export from any Illustrator should work.


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