5000th post


Congratulations, Yves!


( I know, I am probably 11 or more posts late.. I wanted to post this right after your 5000th post, but, sadly enough, I was away today, so there you go.. Go, Yves, Go, Yves.. )

Whoa!? I’m art!

It’s sweet seeing baby Yves learn how to make his first hyperlink. They grow up so fast…

>Whoa!? I’m art!

Not just art, POP ART!

Felicidades and thanks Yves !

Dav, how appropriate that you used Eclat on your poster. Was the other lettering Avenir?

Jan, please, what is that script?


I think Dav used FF DIN.

Mike, the script that Jan used is one of Rob Leuschke’s
splendid fonts

Nice one, Jan.. ( Yves, Type ID‘ers are the new PopStars.. )

Yea, Stephen and Mike, Its ‘DIN’ and ‘Eclat’, and, you may have guessed it, these may be some of the ‘Most Wanted’ type ID requests, here on Typophile, so what would be more appropriate.?

Post Master

What Yves is not telling you is that he’s close to another 5k with all his posts on the Typophile 2.0 beta. =)

He’s everywhere! He’s everywhere! (Old ‘Chicken Man’ tag line).

May you be around for at least 5,000 more.

Congratulations, Yves!

Just out of curiosity, when was your first post and what was it about?

Here’s to Yves, a true Typophile.

Watch out buddy — I’m catching up :-)

- Lex

My very first post was — believe it or not —  a type identification.
I had just started lurking, and stumbled by shear luck on this
as yet unidentified ID request. I beat Kent Lew by 2 minutes.

Where has Kent disappeared to BTW? I kinda miss him.


Congratulations again.

> My very first post

Excellent. And it was all downhill from there, apparently. ;-)

Kent, I’m afraid, has succumbed to a sense of proportion. :-)

Congratulations, Yves.