John Denver album cover - 70's style font ID

Anybody familiar with the 70's style font used for 'The Music is you' copy?

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My bet is that it is hand done art and not a font.

It's an old face called Crayonette.

also referenced as "derniere"

Yes Crayonete, a popular font 120 years ago, cool again in the 1960s & 1970s. A simplified version of Crayon, designed and patented by Herman Ihlenberg in 1886, D16508.
I know of two digital Crayonete fonts. One sold by Aridi as Aridi08, Aridi Computer Graphics/Hardcover Communications 2001. The second created by Claude Pelletier as Crayonnete. Note the double n.

Wow thanks so much everyone!

You're welcome.