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Need help w/ANAL customer! - various {gang}

he HAS to have a font with an “S” that looks like the image i’m posting up. any help, i’n not about to spent hours making a type face that i’m not even sure he’ll like. and it’s for a label the gose on a box for shipping purposes, uuhhgg! any help would be great. just something in that direction.text description



The new T’phile promotional material will
read, “Need help with an anal customer? Click

Jared, whats the name of the font @ http://creative.gettyimages.com/source/fonts/ ?

and thanks to everyone. hopefully one of these will do. i’ll let you all know.

I’ve been ignored! By a fellow Steve, no less!

Ignore the Font-ID Fuhrer at your own peril!  :-)

So Steve (C), what’s Ole’s font?…


Steve C. i didn’t ignore you. i said thatnks to everyone. that included you. but that adobe face is to much, extremely fancy and the ANAL customer told me first off that he didn’t want any thing that fancy, he wants a script, but with a plain feel. ?????? basicly i told him he would have to find a style he like himself. he keeps knocking every thing i show him so i told him to go else where. thanks everyond including Steve C! =)

Yo Steve G. No worries at all. Just wanted to be
sure you saw the post previous to:

“Jared, whats the name of the font @ http://creative.gettyimages.com/source/fonts/ ?”

Good move on dropping the client. Seems he’s
more trouble than he’d be worth.

Steve C.




We’re not leaving you hanging here, Steve! That’s just a hard order to fill- Stay tuned, I’m sure someone can track something in the ballpark down.


ITC Edwardian Script might be a bit too fancy:



Here are a few contenders:

Young Baroque (Doyald Young) -ITC

ITC Edwardian Script (Ed Benguiat)

ITC Gravura (Phil Grimshaw)

Agfa Waddy 124 (found via Eyewire.com) — an inline script

Carpenter (found via Eyewire.com)

It looks like it could easily be related to Steinweiss Scrawl, and old Photolettering Inc font. I there there is a contemporary version similar to it.

Jared’s sample is Adobe’s Bickham Script.