1953 poster Musée National D'Art Moderne - Font ID.


After seeing this poster I really wanted to get an original for in my living room. Since it will cost me around 15oo dollars(!) I decided to make my own. I drove the guys in the studio mad because no one could identify it (they are no true typophiles like you guys)!

Can anyone identify this font for me?
Kind regards,

- Eelco


Univers Ultra Condensed BQ is close but the S is not right. It is a great poster!

Thanks for your help! The S is the one that confuses me the most.

I am thinking it might be Akzidenz Grotesk?

Akzidenz-Grotesk Condensed Bold has same problem as Univers - the S has horizontal ends.

The middle bar of the -E is shorter than the rest. This is also different from the Univers or the Akzidenz-Grotesk...

Can't identify either but can't stop thinking this /S looks borrowed from another font.
2 options:
- you're after the real name and I can't help more
- you just want to reproduce it and have enough skills to do it so your best choice is to start with Univers Ultra Condensed suggested by bojev, borrow the /S from Benton Sans/Futura (squooshing it)/News Gothic/Trade Gothic. A ready-to-go alternative: Lorimer no 2 Condensed.

Hi Ryuk,
I was thinking the same. Reproducing it is probably the best thing to do. Can't help to still think it is a font since the smaller lines have the same S...

You could also set it up in Illustrator, convert type to paths and edit points to fit concept. That is how I would duplicate the effect - pretty quick really.

Thanks for your help and suggestions. I started to work on it just now. Already looks great ;-)