Managing Fonts in Panther

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Managing Fonts in Panther

Hi everyone.

The design studio I work for has just upgraded to the new 2.5 G5 systems and Panther10.3.9. we had been using 0s9 on G4’s but they gradually started to die.

Basically im looking for advice on font management within our new environment, over the last couple of days I have read much on font management within OSX including PDFS from extensis (as we have suitcase 11) explaining how to remove font from certain areas in osx and leaving other etc. Having followed these guidelines we are still experiencing problems, font conflicts with certain applications, unexplained crashes etc etc.

IWe would really appreciate advice or reccomendations on how any of you guys organise fonts on your systems or directions on where i could get some more help.


Rob P

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If you search these forums, you’ll find plenty of discussion on the font management alternatives: Font Reserve, Font Agent Pro, Master Juggler, etc.

Keep in mind as well: it sounds like Tiger, which is out in a few days, will have new font management features.