Booster Rounded Sans

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Hi there

Looking for some improvements and comments for this rounded sans i'm making.
It's my first effort to do a complete typeface.
I've attached a pdf to closer inspection.
Thanks in advance for any contribution to evolve.


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IMO This is excellent work. I wish i could help you with a little constructive criticism but i am still lost for words. May be you could add single guillemets if you haven't done that allready. Per haps you could try out a little more prominent cedilla, but that's peanuts.

best regards

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Good show. I would only say the numeral 2 is narrow and lacking in grace.
And you'll want to generally improve accent placement; acute is too far to the left in most cases. Shape of circumflex and caron may be too shallow.

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Hi 37DMK and cerulean, many thnks for your feedback.
I'm now posting a new pdf, (hadn't seen the question of nr 2), i think now can see how the font is working.
I would like some help in designing the other weights, im using Glyphs, and i would like to try a bolder weight, and use a similar filter to "expand stroke", to see how much thickness i want.
The offset path in Glyphsapp, creates me a grey area outside the shape, someone could me help with this matter.

Many thanks in advance

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Hi Satori,

nice font! I think the {m} could be a bit narrower, it's very light at the moment.

I know your problem; Glyphs is by far my favorite font editor, but it has some shortcomings in path-expansion functionality. I've gone as far as exporting my open-path font from Glyphs to FontForge, manually re-opening all the paths, using the Expand Stroke function, and exporting the shapes back to Glyphs.

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Hello Satori
I am truly sorry that it took me so long to get back at your thread. I never used glyphs before, but i have seen a picture of how to make font-weights in typography class so i was looking all over the internet to find that same picture. No luck. – then i decided to make one of my own. Basically i wanted to point out how you can create several thicknesses without braking the capital height or the baseline or having the x-height jumping around too much.

i hope that helps (to me it was a great help to see how other people solved that problem):


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