Golf tournament logo

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I don't design logos often so this is kind of a bear for me. For a friend to go on a t-shirt or hat.
I would like the type to be more interesting and in tune with the graphic. There is a sort of white triangle between the text and the graphic that bothers me a little Does it bother you? And I don't usually use type on a curve so am I make a major faux pas with that? Are there better faces to use? San-serif, maybe?

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Type aside, there's some general geometry/scale things you can do to improve things.

I'd move '11th Annual' and '2013' to the interiors of the arched type, and then enlarge the arched type as you move it out to the edge. Also match the curve of the type with the can (you'll likely need some judicious letterspacing).

As a logo, it's nice idea. I don't know if the pull-tab is relevant anymore, but that likely depends on the age demographics of your audience. ;)

I'd maybe beef up the lines a bit, though (and likely go without the outlined type) for pragmatic reasons (easier to print on a T-shirt, for example)

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I like the concept, but as aluminum mentioned there are some scale problems. If "beer open" is the title of the event, it should be the biggest element, right now it's fighting "seven bridges" for attention. And I'd avoid outline type. And I'd curve the "2013" baseline if all the other type is curved.

Not sure if I agree with moving "11th annual"; while it has advantages from a layout standpoint, it might seem like you're saying "beer opening 11th annual" which is awkward phrasing. Maybe it would be okay, I'm not sure.

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