Similar to Impact, Hattenschweiler

Hi everyone!

I work at a company that's trying to order new business cards (for new people) in the same style / font the firm's been using for a while. No one knows which fonts were in use -- the only thing I have to go off of it saved JPEGs of old business cards.

I've identified one of the fonts in use (Abadi MT Condensed Light), but I can't figure out the Name font. It's similar to Impact (but the "R" is straight, unlike the curved Impact "R"). It's also similar to Hattenschweiler, Swiss 924, and Hadrian Bold.

Can anyone help? Thank you!


It looks like a font called a_RubricaCn (Bold) but I don't know of any legitimate sources to acquire it.
The (c) says: a_RubricaCondenced *Arsenal Company 1997* FAX: (095)924-3775; e-Mail:; Phone: (095)924-5811 (Design and Featuring W.Chufarofsky & M.Slutsker)

I found it using "Find my Font":