An alternative to CoopBlack with lower case

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Hi all,

I'm designing a UI for a kids video game and I had chosen House Industries CoopBlack display face to do some of the titling.

We've been doing some testing with an early years education centre, and they have raised the issue that kids in the game's age group (2-4) have not yet been taught to read capital letters. Unfortunately CoopBlack is caps only!

There is a lower case version of the face which was created by Christian Schwarz for Toys R Us, but it's not publicly available:

Can anyone recommend a similar fun and chunky display face with a lower case?

All suggestions greatly appreciated!

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Same weight, more or less, and a similar—but even wackier—attitude...

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Thanks for the suggestion but that one's a little too out there. Need to maintain a level of readability as it's being used for labels on buttons and menu items.

Edit - I settled on House Industries "Burbank" in the end, discovered via this very forum:

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