Help with font

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Fivos Vilanakis

Hey just wondering if anyone knows this font. Looking for #BringItHome and Racing . com. It seems close to Rockwell/Lubalin Graph but no cigars. If anyone knows this I would appreciate it.


It must be Museo (700) by Jos Buivenga (exljbris, 2008)
From publisher's site:

MUSEO font family has five weights (100 300 500 700 900).
3 weights are absolutely free (300 500 700) and 2 are paid (100 900).

Thank you very much fvilanakis. How did you get it to find it with "Find my Font" it wouldn't work for me because of the perspective in the photo????

pixlr is one of several online photo editors available. dunno about Fivos but I use it regularly to clean up submitted font id samples

There is no need for external photo editors, Find my Font contains an interactive perspective correction tool, especially for these cases (it's the tool marked with "ABC").
You hold down the shift key to move the 4 corners of the tool to appropriate position, check the "Fix Perspective" checkbox [x] and click on [OK] button - that's all.
You get a perspective-corrected copy of the selected image and you can then select the letters you wish as usual. See the image bellow: