Need help identifying font with slanted seriffs

Friz Quadrata
Solved by: 
Jan Erdmann


Friz Quadrata, squooshed.

Thanks Jan as always you're the best!

Hey Jan, quick question can you tell me the font that is used for this website typophile that is written at the top?

Must be La Portenia from Sudtipos.

That kind of serifs are normally called flare serifs or lapidary serifs. If the curves would be straight and the forms looks like a triangle, one might call them wedge serifs. Triangularity usually is not described with slanted. Slanted is normally used for letters, words or fonts being skewed ‘electronically’ i.e. by means of simple software modification and without any optical compensation.

Found Jared’s post on the Typophile logotype:

I wanna Special font style like this website which kind of font name does it is?

@ Johnsb
Please start a new thread and tell us exactly which font you want identified.