It is a plain block with a curved look

Belotti Bold
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This is the font I am trying to match


If anyone know what this font is please email me.

Melanie, can you provide any more information where this sample is from, or how you plan to use it?

Belloti Bold, bespoke typeface exclusively for University of Oregon Ducks.
Alternatives: Traffic Wide, Handel Gothic (Bitstream version to get straight leg /R)

Bellotti Bold is one font, but this one is another. The Bellotti Bold is ONLY used on the numbers within the current football jerseys. The University of Oregon should had named this modified Handel Gothic-like wordmark font something else before the Bellotti Bold had existed.

When the University of Oregon rebranded more than a decade ago, Melior and Akzidenz Grotesk were the two official university typefaces (the O mark is custom).

I was also able to get my hands on the U of O Athletics Style Guide, and they actually distribute the wordmarks that match this type as vector files. The font is is not commercially available.

According to one of the databases I ran the sample through, the typeface is an 88% match to Akzidenz Grotesk, so I suspect the folks at Nike—who designed the font, whose official name is OregonUniversity (no space)—may have used one of the official university typefaces as their starting point.

To recreate the look, Ryuk's suggestions above are a good starting point. You could also mix and match Akzidenz Grotesk with the N and parts of the E from House Industries Girard Sky Upright: