The results are in...

Typophile readers have spoken! Well, at least 16 of you have. The results are in from last post’s survey on what I should pay for <em>Butterick’s Practical Typography</em>.

I’m not sure what the results do to inform the discussion around reader-supported web publishing endeavors but here are a few of my own thoughts on this little experiment:

1. Most Typophile readers are not interested in what I pay for Practical Typography.
2 . Very few people actually read this blog. OK, maybe a few more than 16, but definitely not more than 23.
3. My 150+ Twitter followers have failed me. Can one “fail” at Twitter?
4. Anyone with a decent Klout ranking wouldn’t touch this one with a ten-foot ascender. I can’t blame them.
5. Maybe this was a silly idea.
6. I should probably go back to, you know, designing stuff and teaching other people how to design stuff.
7. I just paid $7.50 to take my kid to a local children’s museum. He spent the whole time playing with a train set we already have at home.
8. $7.50 is a respectable payment for Practical Typography.
I think.


Thanks for doing [all] this.

My excuse is I've barely visited Typophile since the Granshan conference*. For the record, I would've voted with the majority. Which is strange×2 for me.


Can one “fail” at Twitter?

I think it's set up for that.