Condensed Serif


Hi Team-
So I'm trying to match this period serif as closely as possible. That 'J' is giving me a lot of grief. Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

Thanks, as always.


Only alternatives for the moment and far from being close unfortunately: Bordeaux, Torino Condensed, Onyx, Bodoni Poster Compressed, Fashion Didot, Moderno FB, Arsis, Ambroise François, Ian Party's GRAZIA and L'OFFICIEL (with Maxime Buechi), Stiletto bespoke typeface for Stiletto magazine by Stéphane Elbaz,
As usual, do you have any complementary information (origin, website, magazine...)?

Sadly I have almost no information, other than this is from a piece of stock...the cover for some sheet music.
Thank you though for the suggestions!

Looks like a photo service [shutterstock] image of a circa 1900 or earlier sheet music cover. Whole thing might have been lithographed or engraved. Image is pretty small but I perhaps detect some variation in the upper portion of E.
Anyway, no digital match that I can see.
Sans is also unusual.