punctuation dosen't generate

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Hi All,

I'm new to typography and I'm creating my first font in Fontforge. I design the characters illustrator first then import them in to fontforge.

I done the capital letters first and generated them to see what they were like. That worked. Then I done the lowercase letters and generated them. that worked as well. Then I done a few punctuation characters as well as the space character (8 all together), generated them. It didn't work. When I use the font in another software the capital and lowercase letters showed up but the 7 punctuations I have done don't show up and the space character works but is too big even though I made it half the size if font forge.

I'm getting a bit frustrated because I've tried different things to solve the problem and am still getting stuck. If you could help me I would really appreciate it.



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When you select the space character do you see U+0020 space SPACE written at the top of the FontForge window? When you leave the cursor on top of the comma, do you see a little window with U+002c "comma" COMMA written appear?

If not, your glyphs are not properly named, encoded. They are generated, but are not recognized as a comma, a period, a space by any application, not even FontForge.

Here is where the characters should be after you select Encoding > Reencode > ISO-10646-1 (Unicode BMP).

(Open picture in new tab or new window to see actual size.)

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Solved! Thank you so much. I don't know what happened. I must of reencoded it by mistake some how. Any way I'm looking forward to get stuck in making my own fonts. Thanks a lot once again.

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Great, and good luck with your fonts.

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