vintage sans serif and retro style script

Custom Gothic, Spoleto
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Fivos Vilanakis

Hi, would anyone know what fonts are these?

thanks in advance!


"LOW TIDE..." is very close to [[|SVN Condensed]] by URW++

For "To" and "Seaside" take a look at the following thread about Aktuelle aka Spoleto aka OPTISport aka Athletic Script:


LOW TIDE/HIGH TIDE: it's actually a roughen version of Hollister's own corporate font called "Custom Gothic" (complete alphabet coming from their website shown below). Similars: [[|Alternate Gothic]] No.2, [[|League Gothic]], [[|Bebas]], [[|Oswald]], [[|Trade Gothic]] Condensed no.20, [[|Veneer]], [[|Anodyne]], [[|Ultramagnetic]], [[|Vinyl]], [[|Stacker]], [[|Langdon]], [[|Bellamie]], [[|Growly Grin]], [[|FF Dirty Faces Seven One anb Two]]

Good explanation of the Hollister font by the designer: Moraitis Design