French Signage

Chambord Condensed
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Donald H. Tucker

Looking for similar fonts to the "Gare De Lyon" and Dijon, Vallorbe e.t.c...

Yet to find anything digitised that's similar.



Shame, I could identify almost everything on this signage except the one you're after... Some I like in the same vein: Globe Gothic LTC, Condor, Bayview, Radiant

Thanks - pretty close. Out of curiosity... what are the other ones on the sign?

Top line is Banco, designed by French graphic and poster designer Roger Excoffon and released in 1952 by the Fonderie Olive.

"Gare De Lyon" and Dijon, Vallorbe e.t.c. match Chambord Condensed, also by Roger Excoffon 1945-51 and released in several weights and Italic by the Fonderie Olive. As far as I know Chambord has not been digitized. For a full alphabet specimen see
Jaspert's Encylopedia of Type faces, 1970, at p. 259.

Amazing, really helpful - thanks. What do you think about the bottom line (BEOGRAD), a mix between Bold/Condensed Bold Futura?

PARIS: Aurora/Wagner Grotesk
SIMPLON EXPRESS: confirming Banco by Don
Chambord is a nice find by Don too. Petrarka HiH, Sonrisa and Koloss are also related to Chambord but far from matching it.
BEOGRAD: don't know this one. As you said is close to Futura and Kabel ITC/Erbar.