Logo Rebuild - Font ID Please


OK, so I building some new pieces for a client. I request a hi-rez version of their logo for the pieces and they email me a 1200dpi jpg of a logo that has obviously been photocopied and faxed repeatedly for several decades. I would like to rebuild it but can't seem to come up with font. I pulled the letters out of the logo and rebuilt parts that were beat up.

Any one recognize this? All else fails I will just rebuild the whole thing from scratch but just laying in a font is much easier if I can find it.

Thank you!


Appleyard font, be sure to use WhatTheFont.com and Idenrifont.com 2 very great websites.

While I appreciate the help, Appleyard is not the font.

I had fed it thru both WhatTheFont and Identifont and neither had any results that were even remotely close to the correct font.

Im sorry about that, and i could have sworn it was Appleyard, well im passin out hope things work out and again im sorry.