Seattle Type Design Workshop for Beginners Sep 19-21

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The Crafting Type collective is bringing its intro type design workshop to Seattle! I will be teaching type design to beginners, with Vern Adams and Eben Sorkin (pending sufficient registrations).

Seattle Central Community College
Thu–Sat Sep 19–21

Full details on the Crafting Type site, but feel free to ask questions here as well.

Seattle details and registration:

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That's my backyard. Mind if I drop by?

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Gosh, we would be pleased to have you! Are you just curious, or were you interested in maybe giving a talk to the class?

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Say, you will be at TypeCon next week, right? Why don't we talk about it there.....

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Yes, I'll be at TypeCon. I'm mostly curious to see how you run these workshops.

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Hey, we're happy to have you. Although we tend to flex things a little, we will have an agenda and timeline, and I can put you on the mailing list with the students to see that.

On further thought, the easy thing that would be fun and require no prep on your part is you could join in on a round of critiques, if you like. I'd love to be able to list you as a "special guest." :)

In any case, we can chat later this week.

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See you both in Portland Tuesday!

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