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I'm interested in knowing which two fonts are being used in these logos. They look very similar but some letters differ from the others. Your time is greatly appreciated, thank you.

Strength Guys
Vintage Industrial


Actually, there is more than one single font per logo.
THE STRENGTH GUYS: main lettering is http://Outage, hard to say for me the 2 other ones.
VINTAGE INFUSTRIAL: I'm pretty convinced you'll find it out in this post. Without too much thinking, I guess United Sans and Serif should do you job for both lettering and digit.

Ryuk, thank you for your reply. I am only looking for the main-title type. I believe http://Outage is on target for THE STRENGTH GUYS and for VINTAGE INDUSTRIAL, I would say is http://Liberator. I had looked at United Sans on HI but the "I" differs, however, it may be used for the digit and other letters.

Would you happen to know the type in the image below for the cinema/theatre name that says "Oriental"? It looks very near to something like Outage again, but unsure. Thanks again for your help.

Sorry, can't name it but doubt it could be a font. Most of signages and neon letterings are custom but... Jeff Levine has done many digitizations of these signages. Here are some, in the same vein with a main difference on /A (but easy to reconstruct from /O top half part): Waite Park, Sign Production

Amazing! Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. These are some very nice type faces. I'm looking at Home Room JNL as well as Eckhardt Poster Display JNL.

They remind me of Liquor Store by Chank Diesel which is another option I'm considering.

My plate is full and I'm going to see which one fits best. Thanks for your time, it's greatly appreciated!