Logo Type Copyright and Usage.

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So I am creating this logo for a customer and it is based on a custom typeface I have designed for myself for use in my work. So when i create the final logo type using that typeface, will I be able to transfer the copyright of the logo(only the logotype, as a standalone piece of design) to the customer. I am asking this because typefaces aren't copyrightable in the US and i dont want the customer to end up with a logo that they don't even own full copyright to.

Thanks for your help.

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Generally, in the good old U. S. of A., a logotype is not copyrighted: it is either a trademark (™) or a registered trademark (®).

The former offers common-law protection to the mark; the latter, when filed with the Patent Office, offers civil law protection.

Or so I've heard...

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To explore the US trademark aspect take a glance at:
This is a script wordmark that looks like it was part of a font.
It is trademarked based on an image described as a drawing.
So perhaps it could be a separate IP protection from your font.
....this is why lawyers get rich :)

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