Mayfair Packing Company San Jose

News/Trade/Bank Gothic

Hey guys,

Need some help identifying this old logo. I'm helping out a friend whose family owned the company, any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


Because of the way the letters are constructed on an arc, this was most likely hand-lettered, based on something as prosaic as Trade Gothic...

Nick is probably right about hand done in the 70s but NewsGothic LT (Bold) looks closer than Trade Gothic - then you can arch etc. in Illustrator or PhotoShop to duplicate it today.

Agree with both Nick and Bob. However, I tried to focus the search on fonts that are "Trade/News Gothic"-like plus a vintage/relative hand-drawn/clumsiness touch. Here are some: Garner LHF, Benton SansFB, Griffith Gothic FB, TVNord EF, Interstate FB, Egyptian LHF

And the other bit, San Jose etc. Looks like lettering based on a light cut of Bank Gothic. Letter widths and the arm of the E need customisation, though.

To complete last suggestion of Bank Gothic by Johan, here are some alternatives to Bank Gothic: Morris Sans LT, Deluxe Gothic, Banque Gothic

wow thank you guys so much for the help. very much appreciated.