Any idea on the LYCRA font? Thanks.


Possibly based on Basilea (see also here). Alternatives: Alexon, MarkusLow, Shango, LHF Kellie Ann

There might be an almost monoline font with Copperplate Gothic tiny serifs, with the top of A having a serif on the left, with the right-hand arm of the Y forming a continuous stroke with the tail, with the R having a high waist and a center bar that almost leaves a gap with the vertical, etc., but ....
First registration of a LYCRA wordmark in this style that I found was from the mid 1990s.


Agree that if you make enough changes to Basilea you could end up with this confusing logo.
The wordmark designers would have had access to the Image Club Graphics version, produced under the name Basilea, and the Opti version, produced under the name Susan. I compared the glyph outlines and find that they are quite different. Since there do not appear to have been any other digitizations from the era -- assuming that Sousanna by Novel Fonts is a knockoff of Susan -- it would seem that Susan is one of the few fonts that Opti produced independently rather than pirated from other fontmakers.
As for the later fonts, MarkusLow is inspired by Basilea but the R differs from the original alphabet as shown at LHF Kellie Ann is odd -- the C is angular -- and is not sold on the Letterhead website.

Thanks guys!