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This is my first attempt at a sans-serif font with a bit more complexity than your typical strict geometric sans...
I wanted something that melded together Century Bold, Futura Medium, and your typical bold/medium grotesk, something like Helvetica Bold. I wanted the geometry to be something a bit "dumbed" down rather than strictly machined, but retain a sense of craftsmanship.

As I said this is my first attempt at something other than a geometric sans, and was drawn in illustrator(haven't quite been able to figure out fontlab's drawing system...) and want to try and iron out as much as possible before I begin to import the characters.

Please any suggestions at all are welcome.


font text1.pdf364.01 KB
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Ignore the is an images of the revised pdf...sorry

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I digg it!

I'm pretty new to type, but I'd say that the crossbar of the "f" seems kinda long. And the "s" looks tilted to the left.

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