Red vs blue Out of Mind logo font

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Fivos Vilanakis

Hello everyone, I'm looking for the font of a Red vs Blue title season, "Out of Mind", to make a personal composition in Photoshop. I thought it would be easy, because the letter "F" is highly characteristic, but I can't even manage to find something similar.

If anybody knows this font, could he tell me what it is? Thanks in advance.

Sébastien C.


not sure if it will help anyone, but here are a few more characters.

"Red vs Blue" is Jenkins by Font-a-licious

"OUT OF MIND" is http://Arnprior free font by Ray Larabie (Typodermic, 1997)

PS: Jodie, thanks for the large image ;)

Oh my… seriously, thank you very much, guys ! ^v^