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I'm trying to find a web font license without pageviews tracking. So far with my search, Fontspring.com seems to be the only license available that does not require any tracking scripts to be installed with their web fonts. Does anyone know of any other foundries that do not have the required page tracking scripts in their licenses?

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For the right price most web font vendors will offer you a paid up service. Contact them directly.

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"pageview" metrics are *so* 2001.

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I agree!

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I would second Simon’s suggestion: Look for the font you want to use and then contact to foundry/reseller.

Even if "pageview tracking" is so 2001, "honesty in online-services" is probably too. If the page views are not tracked, a lot of users might just go for the lowest available page view option, even if they know upfront their sites will top the page view amount they have paid for. Why should they pay more? The foundry can't check it, can they? But if you contact the foundry and explain why you don't want to or can't use such a script, they might agree that you don't have to. Even webfont service providers might allow you to host the files yourselves, if you really need to avoid requests to external servers.

BTW: Every parking meter tracks the actual use and no one complains that the city will not just believe you, that you payed enough. A little bit control helps to keep the service fair. That’s good for provider of the service, as well the honest customers. Embedding a tracking request in a site is not really an inacceptable burden, is it?

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Monokrom does not track. Currently there’s only one family available for web licensing from our website, but the rest are coming very soon.

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myfonts offers licences with or without tracking:

There are two ways pageviews are sold at MyFonts. It is up to the listing foundry to choose how a font will be licensed.

Pay Once is based on expected monthly pageviews. It is a one-time purchase with no time limit; just make sure your monthly visits don’t exceed your license’s number of pageviews.

Pay As Your Go is based on total pageviews. Picture it as a bucket of pageviews that you can use over time. We’ll let you know when you’re running low. When you do run out, just come back for more.

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myfonts offers licences with or without tracking:

Not anymore. It was this way, when the MyFonts Webfonts were first introduced, but if you buy a Pay Once license now, the webfont kit includes a tracking link (a CSS @import call) and the license says:
“You must retain the page view tracking code, as supplied in the Web Font Kit, on all Websites that Use the Licensed Web Fonts.”

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