Criterion Third Man Font




The original movie titles from 1949 were quite different.
I suspect that this is a modern font used by Criterion for its re-issue.
Some similarity to Georg Trump’s Signum, digitized as by Canada Type as Trump Gothic Trump Gothic, but much heavier in weight and the crossbars on E and H as well as the bottom of the bowl on R are too low. Or perhaps it's just artwork.


Many Criterion DVD covers were done by Kellerhouse Inc.. May be it's one of their many artworks using some bespoke typeface as they're well-known for.
Looks like they artificially emboldened by adding an outline stroke to some Signum-like (thanks Don) font and reworked counters.
BTW, following Don's previous modification guidelines, some more alternatives even if Trump Gothic is a nice find: Proteina, Raleigh Gothic GT, Komu A, Le Gendarmerie 205, Header STF, Heroic Condensed, Movieland JNL, Title Gothic

Thanks Ryuk for the Kellerhouse Link. I find that their use of typography enhances the mood of the Criterion movie packaging.

You might try asking Eric Skillman via his website?