Shelling damage to concrete and exposed rebar


Lettering on Economist cover showing shelling damage to concrete and exposed rebar.
Has anyone produced a font with this effect?



I don't know if there is something similar, but this specific sample looks like a modified http://Officina Display (Black)

Yep, that's the font that the Economist commissioned for it's display use during it's last remake. After a period of exclusive use it became available to the general public.
I should have mentioned that I'm not really interested in what font gets the shell-hole and exposed rebar treatment, just in whether anyone has done it with any font. For once I was not wordy enough in a post:)

i've seen some VERY detailed custom fonts like Trashco. there are even tiny birdies flying around in there.

Trashco is interesting. Still looking for something that has some resemblance to the theme of structural damage caused by war with a shell-hole and exposed rebar treatment or a comparable method such as exposed steel girders rising from the walls of buildings.

Docteur Atomic isn't so much shelling and rebar but has some similar attributes.

Thanks Jodie. This one is worth playing around with. Using the damaged portions of upper parts of letters as exemplified by B, C, J, N, R, S, V and a plain sans for the lower parts could be an interesting variation of the shell-hole and exposed rebar treatment.

As for Docteur Atomic, I compared it to some Sans fonts and found a match with Monotype Impact.