Font from 1961 McGraw Hill book

Sill "TV" Square Gothic
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Donald H. Tucker

Hi all,

I discovered this type on the cover of Sinclair Lewis: An American Life. It doesn't seem to be hand lettered, repeating letters are an exact match (though it could be...)

Any ideas?


I suspect that this is a Photolettering or Filmotype font that has not yet been digitized. In a recent discussion,, we found a very similar font, Fiedler Gothic, for a 1963 book cover.
A check of the Photolettering "Alphabet Thesaurus" might find the match. Unfortunately, I don't have a copy but perhaps one of the other Typophiles has.

Found it! Checked a copy of the Photolettering "Alphabet Thesaurus" when I visited a university library earlier today. It's _Sill "TV" Square Gothic_ designed by G. Reed Sill Jr. The "TV" obviously refers to the O which has a squared letterform that is bowed out, just like the shape of TV screens in the pre-digital era.

Thanks! I'll have to find myself a copy in a nearby library, so I can get a sample.