Font Pairing Critique and Suggestions.(Sans and Sans)

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So I am designing this T-shirt and I came across this font pairing problem. I want to pair a sans-serif with a sans. That is because the red flipped "Ǝ" is indispensable and refers to EMINƎM. So I basically have these four combinations(please ignore the kerning for now). I was hoping you guys could tell me how good and bad they are, and suggest best pairings too.

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I think the contrast looks best in the lower left combo, and the square shaped sans-serif is something I associate with military fiction, so I think it fits the content.

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In all of them the flipped E looks to be the wrong size/weight. Justifying anything with an upper case Y at the end is difficult because of the big white space. Maybe try a lowercase style y with a vertical right side. Something more like this, but, you know, done properly rather than quickly:

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Yes Sanderpe, Bank Gothic looks the best. I am going to go with it. Daverowland, thanks for the great suggestion. Never thought about that. And I agree with what you said about the flipped "E". I just quickly traced it from the logo and used as it was. I will adjust it to the proportions and weight of Bank Gothic. Thanks guys.

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