Balenciaga Logo


I know this has been asked before but I don't think any of the "suspects"; ITC Blair, Engravers Gothic, or Trade Gothic Extended, are an exact match (obvious in C and L I think) so I'd really appreciate your input.



Can't find a perfect match and really doubt there's one actually, commercially available speaking. As almost all the time for the fashion industry, they probably here too use bespoke typefaces which makes perfectly sense when your business tries to evoke luxury, uniqueness and fashion. This one is somehow similar to Engravers Gothic/Blair/Sackers Gothic, slightly wider. With some little alterations, you could do pretty much the same with Proxima Nova MS, Gotham HTF, Maax 205, Nexa FFF, Room GJ or even Avenir (more work here).

Got a name. The font is simply called "Bal10" with Bal standing obviously for Balenciaga. It is copyrighted to Anton Koovit and Yassin Baggar of Fatype. They did some typefaces for GQ, Derzeit and Journal B. Attached, a printscreen of Bal10-Light as shown on Balanciaga website.

OK, I see know some differences with Bal10. Overall design is close but some details remain off though. May be they simply started with Bal10 and created some kind of Bal10 Extended Bold version of it. Main logo is extended, /E middle bar is upper and shorter and /G middle bar is downer which actually are not hard to reproduce. Bests remain definitely Engravers Gothic Bold and Sackers Gothic Heavy. I'd probably start with Sackers (more balance than Engravers) and mainly make it bolder.

Thank you very much for the suggestions.


If I may clarify this a little bit:
The logotype is a bespoke design created by Julien Gallico, the art director responsible for the new Balenciaga identity. We had no hand in it at all. He commissioned us to create a new typeface for this identity. While they certainly share a similar esthetic (that was the goal!), the logo and the typeface are not directly derived from each other. The typeface is a sort of spin-off (I'm not going to say custom since it often means quickly changing a few letters) of our typeface U8, which we transformed under his art direction.

As far as we know, the typeface has not been used very much yet. We expected it to be used for little prints on labels and things like that, the webfont was not planned (hence the rather poor rendering in your screenshot), but we are glad they embrace the design even for their website.

thank you so much