Europe 1870, Franco-Prussian War Publication


Help would be much appreciated in identifying the two typefaces used in the '20'/ headline and 'CENTIMES'/ text body in the following publication.


Are you looking for a digital match, or the name of the grotesk used circa 1870? Do you have any reason to believe 2 is a different font than 1870?

Better image:

And, for a translation of the fine pint on this strange map, see:

I am looking for a digital font style that closely replicates that of the typeface used in the publication. The zeros used in the '1870' of the headline and the '20' suggest a common typeface.

Hope this clears things up. Thanks for any correspondence.

Even more detail:

CENTIMES might be lettering.
Or it's just poor quality type where the typefaces are worn and not identical,

For a font from a decade later that has some similarities to CENTIMES you might try Eastlake:

There is a digital revival of Eastlake by Solotype that could be edited to make a pretty close match to the CENTIMES alphabet.

Centimes is very close to

and ITC Cushing is a clean modern font with much the same feel

Should have mentioned about Eastlake that the 19th century font had an uppercase and numbers only. Solotype has a fairly accurate recreation of them but Dan X. Solo added a lowercase which is less than fully appropriate to an 1879 design. A better match might be the lower case to Lightface Celtic, designed at almost the same time as Eastlake. They are an appropriate fit in all respects, except that they are not monoline like Eastlake. Most people would barely notice this.
Lightface Celtic is digitized as Brioche. Here is the Brioche lowercase width narrowed to match the Eastlake uppercase.
Only the lowercase k needs editing to replace a swash with a regular serif.

For the headline condensed sans, I wasn't able to spot a good alternative that could be close enough to both letters and digits. Actually, it came for nothing for the digits. So, here are only some I like for the headline sans: Garage Gothic FB, Nimbus Sans Condensed Bold (probably the "closest" but /R leg terminal needing to be straightened and /1, /2 and /8 reworked), Dense, Cheap Pine Sans (nice vintage treatment), Newhouse DT Super Condensed Bold (quite same work as Nimbus Sans), Knockout HTF (cf Nimbus Sans), Placard MTI, Poster Sans (squooshing it), Rama Gothic (NS), Gothic RR

For the serif, 2 similars: Chambord (very nice this one), Versailles, Old Earthy

May be having a look to Walden Font Co. collections would worth a shot too. Even if it's a US poster specialist, I guess some fonts could fit your needs.

Hi Ryuk. As usual a great catalog of fonts to check.
You said it came to nothing for the digits.
Did any of them have the 8?

Always a pleasure, Don. I'm learning so much since you're here. Unfortunately, found no font with such a /8 or at least, may be only /8 so can't even remember it... May be one from Walden, Bellofatto...

A little bit of time on my hands. Happy to share. Sometimes over detailed explanations. But, hey, nobody is forced to read them :)
BTW Walden is great for finding the obscure and interesting. Too bad they never went the next step and engineered clean versions from their autotraces.
As for 8, this is what I love about 19th century typography. It goes in every direction and there is no canon of how letter forms are required to look. This 8 just does not fit the standard templates we now use.