Help me to identify this font


Hi typophiles,
have you any idea about the name of this font ?


If I am seeing your image correctly, this is lettering on a glass window in France. It's roots are a 19th century copperplate script. There is a somewhat similar digital font, Palace Script. But that's not the name that the font was known as in France. More to follow.

In France this type of script was known as Calligraphics and a version was produced by at least one French foundry, Deberny & Peignot. Closer to the lettering is Graphic Script Bold by Bauer, 1934:
The lettering is more upright and is heavier with lower contrast.
It is possible that this adaptation has been produced as a digital font, but I have not seen it.

Thanks for your help Don.
And what do you think about the word "Reserve"?
The font is very close. Can i find a similar ?

Can't find a match for the last one either, could be a customization of commercial brush script, mainly reworking connections and customizing /R to create a unique lettering.
Some in the same vein: Belinda, Snapper Script A&S, Calgary Script, Coffee Service, House Script HI, Lucky and Lakeside FT

Ryuk, as usual, you ROCK!

My pleasure. Adding Scriptorama Tradeshow, Martini, Corner Store and Anaheim all by Jukebox Jason Walcott to the list.