Help With Fonts


Not sure if these are fonts or not but if anyone can help I would really appreciate it. I am looking for the AiM and Power fonts.


Even with a better sample, I was not able to spot a match for any of these 2 signages. Actually, I'm pretty convinced this is no font, more custom letterings.
Anyway, my suggestion if you need to reproduce it:
- AIM: trace it, that should be not so hard to redraw it, from scratch
- POWER: have a look to these 2 sections at DaFont http://Techno > Sci-fi, http://Techno > Various, they are full of fonts such like this (Boom Box, Dodger...) or pick one from the same sections and cut it like your sample.
A perfect client, Sea Dog 2001 could even work for both letterings.

Thank You Ryuk that's what I was thinking before I posted here. I was just hoping it was a font.