vintage military font similar to Enamela

RR Extra Bold Extra Condensed
Solved by: 
Donald H. Tucker


For the bottom image, ARMED FORCES POLICE, I thought I had a list of several sans with this boxy S, but all I have at hand is a condensed version, Schmallfette Binder-Style, designed by Joseph Binder and released by D. Stempel AG in 1959. Digitized as Bindlestiff NF by Nick Curtis. If you expand it, and adjust the M, you will be fairly close.

A little tinkering with the original Binder Style [don't have Nick's version] produced this:


An alternative, and perhaps easier, approach is to start with Morris Fuller Benton's Bank Gothic, make it narrower, square the sloped terminations and do other edits. A useable starting point is the Linotype version Morris Sans Com in the Heavy Condensed Weight.

The adjustments to Morris Sans Com in the Heavy Condensed Weight could also be applied to RR Extra Bold Extra Condensed or RR Bold Extra Condensed.

Thank you so much for the help Don !! I think RR Extra Bold Extra Condensed with some adjustment would do the trick. Quite surprised that there aren't any exact match to the font.

You're welcome.

ARMED FORCES POLICE: no perfect match. Some interesting alternatives: Route 66 NF (matching almost everything, not enough bold though), Berber King Caps Bold (using alternate /A and reworking /M centre vertex), MS Refrigerator Deluxe Bold (using alternate /S and reworking /M centre vertex)

AOYAMA CITY: Nicotine should work nicely. Alternative: Los Alamos Fat Man

MY RUGGED 211: nothing convincing, reminding me of this previous discussion, feels really "custom" to me (mainly because of this unconventional /G)... Anyway, some alternatives: Nomad (reworking almost everything...), Vafle Condensed, Iwan Reschniev Black (reworking /G and /S terminals, not enough bold), Nicotine (mainly reworking /R leg, /S transition and adding a leg to /G), Sign Kit JNL (reworking /G and digits), Komu A (the closest I guess, only needs little tweaking on /M centre vertex and /R leg to do the trick)