Help with logo fonts please


Looking for fonts for both GRANITE and STATE please. any help would be appreciated


Any help would be apprecited! :)

STATE: should be [[|USA]] by Iconian Fonts, may be scaled
GRANITE: thought I could find a match but came to nothing perfect. Still pretty convinced it's a techy freebie or a cutomization based on (various?) techy freebie. Try having a look to these 2 sections at DaFont, may be you'll be luckier than me: [[|Techno > Sci-fi]], [[|Techno > Various]] ([[|TR-909]], [[|Terminator]], [[|Boom Box]]...)
Posting reworked sample too, could be helpful for some other identifiers...

EDIT: finally, got it! That was [[|Boom Box]] but [[|full lowercase]] and not uppercase...

Thank you very much for your help! I really appreciate it!! :)