Pétala Pro Superfamily by TypeFolio

Pétala Pro gave his first steps almost ten years ago. During this time, the quest for perfection had forced several interruptions. It was necessary recalculate the route, tread other ways, discover new maps, and make easy curves. After all, a new milestone on typeface design was reached.

Pétala Pro combines readability with a gentle but strong personality. The smooth and balanced forms shares space with expressive ink traps. The 18 styles of the family – from Thin to Black – allow the flexibility needed to complex design briefs. When designing the different weights, rather than automated solutions, ​​subtle adjustments were made to value the optical qualities of each style. Such care, makes all the difference under extreme conditions.
The wide variety of alternates, makes Pétala Pro even more versatile. All the styles comes with a lot of advanced OpenType features such as stylistics sets, localized forms, contextual alternates, ligatures, small caps, numbers, fractions and more.

Pétala Pro brings your message with efficiency and personality for a multi-language environment and in any medium or support, such as video, mobile and computers screens. Pétala Pro is the ideal choice for editorial, advertising, branding and corporate identity.

Available at our distributors:

- MyFonts
- Fontspring
- FontHaus

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Congratulations, that’s massive!

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Great work! I really like the italic. Congratulations

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Thanks a lot of, Nick Shinn and André Simard!

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