lower-case ar - not quite pirate material (but still British?)


Circa 1983, and British in origin. I'm not finding much in terms of a match - and this is all the sample I have.


You can try a http://Chalet Comprime (HongKong 1980) by House Industries, probably a bit emboldened

Thanks. I did discover the similarity between that House font and the sample, but surely it was based on something else that was either Letraset or UK-based? I swear I have seen this font used elsewhere. Certainly on a UK record sleeve from the early 1980s (not where this sample originated from, unfortunately).

I wish Bristish Inserat had a single storey /a... Very Compacta BTW. An interesting alternative would be Press Gothic which has a single storey /a. Alternative, no single storey /a though: Fusion Sans

Ah, I would bet Press Gothic is the source. For the single story l/c 'a', you could decapitate a l/c 'd' and bob's yer uncle. Same with Compacta. Nice and thank you.

As an aside, I thought most type designers had un-natural affinities towards lower case 'a' and ampersands. Wouldn't take much effort to incorporate some crazy alternate glyphs in their digital work would it?