Gothic compressed used for "The Place Beyond The Pines" movie title sequence

Chalet Comprimé
Solved by: 
Dick Pape

Would like some help to find THE match for this one. It's close to Heroic Condensed but that's not it (/G, /R).

More here:


Bold might be Impact?

Thanks Don. Dick told me it could be Chalet Comprimé which is the closest I got so far. The only differences I could see is on /R leg terminal, Chalet's is slightly curved and TPBTP's not which I assume could be due to LD quality sample.

Actually, after a closer inspection, there's a neon/rounded effect applied which could explain this small lost.
I finally found an irrefutable proof it should be Chalet Comprimé (or at least Chalet slightly customized), this /, can't lie. Case solved.

Yeah, it is too bad that Dick Pape was 'run off' from Typrophile for being IMHO too good at identifying fonts. Apparently this Font ID section is only for purchasable fonts.