Color to help line returns during reading

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I was surprised to note that the colors didn't seem to bother my reading process.

Basically I see it as a way to save space and/or page transitions and/or scrolling via a reduction in leading.

What do you guys think?


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Functionally, it seems pretty solid, and I'm only a little surprised by how good the results in the Stanford study were. Practically, there's the problem that we already have a well established convention for the use of colour on the Web as signalling hypertext links. I notice that in their homepage demonstration they nowhere have a link embedded in Beeline-styled text; the one place where they do have a text link on the page is the one place where they've not applied the gradient styling.

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Clever idea. Don't think I'd use it myself, but if some folks find it useful then that's great.

I noticed that in their "Reading Challenge" they used longer line lengths than I usually see on modern web pages or in e-readers (iPad, etc). I wonder what line lengths were used in the Stanford study.

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