Based on something?

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If the font below is derived from another, what font might that be?


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The Q is clearly a train wreck, not a plane crash.

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I don't know. It's not Helvetica, Univers, or Franklin Gothic. The R helped me eliminate those quickly.

EDIT: Oh. That Q. I've seen Qs with that design, but only on elaborate display faces.

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just looking for that Q, I came up with Ray Larabie's Coolvetica.

looks like a match.

Say, Hrant, this isn't a font ID request is it? :o)

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the internet seems to be broken

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the internet seems to be broken

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@russellm, it isn't the entire Internet, but it is Typophile. Reporting it or complaining has done absolutely no good so far.

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According to Typophile's Twitter account, the slowness is due to a hacking attack.

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Good forensics, Russell!

Although this appears to be “Coolvetica Distressed”, point piracy is not involved, because (correct me if I’m wrong) the type would have to be bitmapped to apply the texture, and then re-vectorized.

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The Q is clearly a train wreck...

Even the little blue pills wouldn't help it.

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Naw, if you blow the 'Q' up to, say, 25 lines, it begins to look like a reminder about the overpressure vent valve on the inflatable vest.

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