Would love some feedback on a logo for a Museum in Nairobi, Kenya

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Hi Everyone. We would love your feedback on a logo we've created for a modern art gallery in Nairobi. MOCA stands for the Museum of Contemporary Art.

It will be the first Contemporary Art Gallery in Kenya which is quite exciting.

Thanks in advance...

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Insanely boring.

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I agree with 5star that it's dull, and it also looks a little dated to me. And should it be more reflective of Nairobi art and culture?

I'm not sure why the C is rotated; does it symbolize something or is it just to emphasize the C?

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Have you thought about what is going to happen when the logo is minimized? the fine lines of the square will completely disappear and the "ramoma collection" will be unlegible.

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You should work more on this. Look for other ideas which one should reveal the essence of the Museum.

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Agree with all of the above. There are many, many Museum of Contemporary Art ________s in the world. First thing I would do is look at every single museum identity that you can. Understand what is out there, why they are appropriate for their particular institution, location, time. How old are they? How have they aged or evolved? What is the collection of the museum, and how does that reflect the mission. How does this logo turn into a complete identity? What city is this in? Who will be the visitors? Does this museum EVEN NEED a logo? While this may seem counterintuitive, maybe the answer is no. And if the answer is yes, think about why that is? Perhaps it's the typeface which carries the weight of the identity. Another consideration is that while you don't want the logo to be totally generic and boring, you also don't want it to be so loud and complicated that it overshadows the artwork (i.e. the reason you are all doing what you do, the stars of the show). Find that balance. Museums are very special places, and are rare and great opportunities to design something truly wonderful. This is the first contemporary art gallery in the entire country. Why is this happening now, what is the character of the contemporary art world in that place. What is unique about this? Don't take that lightly. All the best.

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