EM dash display in Word with OTF

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EM dash display in Word with OTF


We have a font generated from FontLab as OTF that is being used in Word 2010. The EM dash in the font isn’t displaying correctly on the screen, though it does PDF correctly.

It almost appears as if Word is building the display of the EM dash from a bunch of kerned together dashes. This is causing some very problematic display and alignment issues, especially since the zoom at which the page is being displayed effects how it looks as does the justification of the line.

This does NOT occur when the font is generated as a TTF.

The below screen shot is an extrme zoom not usually used but the same thing happens at smaller zooms.

The font was initially a series of Type1 fonts so the UPM is 1000.

Is this just an inadaquacy of Word being able to display the OTF?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.