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Questions regarding generating ttf’s in Fontlab Studio

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Joined: 26 Feb 2007 - 1:03pm
Questions regarding generating ttf’s in Fontlab Studio

I wonder about a few options/checkboxes in Font Info > TrueType specific settings and Preferences > Generate OpenType & TrueType that I can’t seem to find much info about. And, also a wildcard that I’d like to discuss.

• Automatically reorder glyphs. From what I have read, this only affects CFF-OT fonts in OS9 (not very relevant for me). Karsten Luecke writes in another thread: “In CFF-OT fonts, the first glyph must be .notdef. And in TT(-OT) fonts, the first four glyphs must be .notdef, .null, CR and space.” I assume this talks about the glyph ID order. I wonder where/how I can inspect or modify this.

• HDMX settings: What determines the sizes I should apply this for? The sizes I have hinted?

• Copy HDMX data from base to composite glyph: I’m not sure what this part means. Can anyone explain?

• Create VDMX table: I use some vertical delta instructions, so I assume FL is correct when it says I need to check it, but what does it actually do?

• Re. kerning settings: When I am making webfonts, file size is very important. From what I’ve read, browser support for a flat kerning table is as spotty as the support for OT class kerning. Also, people are pushing for OT support because that’s the cool stuff. (And David Berlow only includes a selected few kerning pairs in the RE fonts. I can understand that for stuff that is only geared at text sizes, btw. Even the retina screen is lowres when it comes to kerning at text sizes.) So: I am only exporting OT class kerning. What are you doing? Why?

• The two options “Write stored native TrueType hinting” and “Export visual TrueType hints”. What are these referring to?

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First point: go to Index mode.