It says "GRECO" what's its name?


This is on the EL GRECO CONGRESS CENTER IN TOLEDO building, I think I've seen it in little big planet 2. I've looked on-line for hours but haven't been able to find an exact match. I don't care if I'd have to pay for it, I just want peace of mind. I'm new to this so I've pressed the insert image and file attachment boxes. Any help is appreciated. PS if it hasn't loaded the same image is on the bottom of this page


I seem to recall seeing this extreme geometric but can't find it by name.
As a consolation prize some very heavy Art Deco-Bauhaus fonts:

O.K., I recall now that this style is "constructivist."
Getting closer:

Thanks for your help

You're welcome.
p.s. Seems the difficulty in accessing typophile has ended, at least for now.

FattiPatti and Baby Teeth are close, but you could probably make it yourself drawing basic circles & squares.

I know this font, the name is Bifurk

That's it!
This a link where you can download without using an exe file:

Thanks guys, I think that's the one.